Instant App Interactive Legend does not stay closed

03-29-2023 01:32 PM
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After the most recent update to the Interactive Legend instant app, when the option Interactive legend open at start is disabled the legend still appears when the map is opened. This is not the expected behavior from the previous version.

Also when the app is embedded in an iframe that has a width less than 950 pixels it forces the legend to be expanded and take up the bottom third of the map. It would look nicer if this didn't happen, and the legend was just collapsed (this seems to be new behavior too).

I submitted a bug report but did not hear anything in back. This broke some of the previous apps that we had created.

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This was given a bug number.

  • Bug Info: BUG-000157121
  • Synopsis: Interactive Legend ArcGIS Instant App not hiding legend when prompted to hide in configuration of application
  • Status: In Review
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I am also experiencing issues with this instant app, and currently my three instant apps (interactive legends) when opened, the map is greyed out. When I try to open in other instant apps, my app is fine. When I try to re-create the map in a new interactive legend app, it is all white and nothing happens.

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Would like to add my report as well. I am having the same issue as dslamb2022 - when the option Interactive legend open at start is disabled the legend still appears when the map is opened. 

Although my app is embedded in a 600x400 iframe, the legend does not stretch the entirety of the bottom of the map.

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