How can I get my map to display updated data from google spreadsheet?

08-24-2017 07:57 PM
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I have setup a basic map of cities & towns in Massachusetts in ArcGIS Online as a Summary App. I have a google spreadsheet that has data on each city and town.  I setup the spreadsheet to "publish to web" as a "csv" file and have set sharing of the file to "anyone with the link can view", but when I the spreadsheet is updated, the updates do not carry over to the map.  The data are incorporated to the map as an Added Layer as a "table", i.e., it is not a geocoded table, but a table of data that I link to the cities/towns layer ... If anyone has experience with updating maps with data stored in Google Sheets, any tips/insights would be appreciated!! 

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Perhaps the info in this blog post will help? 

Authoring maps that update using CSV files | ArcGIS Blog 

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