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04-20-2018 03:22 PM
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Hello. we have configured an app to use Crowdsource Polling. We downloaded the source files from github and are hosting the app on our server. After some struggles, we have it working, but now would like the user to be able to skip the section with the comment button and previously submitted comments. What we need is when the user clicks on a list item (or polygon on map), they are directed to the comment form. i guess we need to give the list items or the polygons the functionality of the commentButton. Does anyone know if this is possible and in which files we'd have to make the modifications? 

thanks in advance for any guidance.

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rocio veloz

The action you are describing isn't available out of the box with this application. It's intended to show users information about the feature before they submit a comment. Could you describe your workflow some more? There may be another application that would be better suited to what you are trying to do.

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