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Bold HTML tags in the title is showing for pop-ups

07-17-2023 02:40 PM
Regular Contributor

Why are Bold HTML tags in the title is showing for pop-ups?

I created a pop-up in the New Map Viewer, which contains.

<b>{address}</b>.  It previews exactly as expected {address}


However recently something changed in Instant Apps, this app has been in production for a while and previously showed a bold address.

The Address is no longer bold, and the html tags are showing




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Esri Frequent Contributor

It's most likely due to a change in the component we use to render the popup title. We can look at addressing it for the next release. In the meantime if possible you can remove the custom HTML from the popup and we might be able to use custom CSS in the app to get the appearance you want. Is this the sidebar app?  If so you could do something like this to make the title font bold. In this example it makes it orange too just so you can easily see the styles are applied. 

calcite-block {

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Hi @KellyHutchins,

I pulled the html right after sending in the post.  I did not think of adjusting via CSS, that is a good work around.

Thank you,


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