Attachment Viewer with feature layer view attachments

08-11-2021 12:11 PM
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Background: I've created a survey in Survey123 that we are using to record data for some agronomic field trials.  The survey includes photo attachments which I want to make available to the participants, and so I have configured the Attachment Viewer to accomplish this (very useful app, BTW) .

However, the photos are associated with different record types in the data model, and I would like to be able to filter by those record types so the different photo types can be viewed separately.  The Attachment Viewer doesn't have that kind of non-spatial filtering ability (unless I'm missing something), and so I've created different maps each with a different filtered view of the feature layer with the photo attachments.

Here's the problem - when I configure the Attachment Viewer to view the map with the filtered feature layer view in map-focused mode, even though the mapped points show for only the points in the filtered view (as expected), placeholders for all the photo records in the underlying feature layer show in the gallery, though only those in the filtered view actually show (see screenshot).  Clicking on one of the "placeholders" in the gallery will actually show a photo even though there's no corresponding point on the map.

Is this a known bug or am I missing a setting or something?  The attachment-focused view appears to work as expected.


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Hi Chris,

Thanks for reaching out about Attachment Viewer. 

For the issue that you were seeing with filtered features where attachments from all features displayed and not just the filtered features, are you still seeing this happen?

I was also curious to chat about adding filtering into Attachment Viewer, would adding the ability to filter by attributes from a feature layer in the Attachment Viewer be something that would be helpful to have when interacting with the app? 



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Hi Sarah, 

Has there been any update on being able to filter data using the Attachment viewer? I have a whole bunch of utilities being updated daily with photos and we're using the Attachment viewer app, but i'm not finding an easy solution for the end user to be able to filter by Utility unit (i.e. see only those associated with Fire, or Power only). 

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