filtering feature layers brought in from organization portal

12-02-2021 11:11 AM
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Hi, i have feature layers published to my portal by other members of my organization that i would like to be able to add to my workbook and filter using predefined filters, but i am unable to do so.  I can filter layers i publish and host myself, but not ones published by others.  Is there some kind of setting that is different, or is it because i am hosting it myself?

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Hi Laura,

Your right, even if you don't own the feature layer, you should still be able to use it! 🙂 Something seems off to me. It sounds like you are able to add the feature layer to the Insights page. But when you add it to a predefined filter widget the values don't appear? Is there any type of message? Are there other limitations of that feature layer? Is it possible if your coworker is actually publishing map services that don't meet some of these requirements in this topic below? For example "feature access".

Happy new year!

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