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03-03-2018 07:29 AM
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   In reference to the below thread, are there any plans to allow items such as workbook pages and models to be shared from enterprise portal users out to AGOL users?  I understand that this might be an awkward request based on the fact that these items are bound to data sources where the work items were created but is it not possible to replicate or publish data from portal to AGOL which would allow the pages and models to work? And beyond that, couldn't these items that potentially get shared to AGOL just point to features services published from portal?  I have DOT clients that would like other agencies that aren't members of their portal to still have access to their workbook pages and models to manipulate beyond just having access to a shared insights embedded link.  Even if it was just the specifications of these items so they could be ported or rebuilt in AGOL against published data without the AGOL user needing instruction from the creator. 

Can an Insights page be shared publicly and accessed without logging into Portal? 

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