Make a chart from multiple attributes?

03-09-2018 07:14 AM
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I have what I think is a pretty common dataset: forest cover by country for several years.

The data is a polygon for each country, with various attributes for forest cover: forest in 2000, forest in 2005 etc..

Why can't I chart these over time? Say I want to click a country in the map and see that forest cover over the different years in a chart? This was so simple and easy in the old operations dashboard but the new version doesn't have that flexibility.

So I purchased INSIGHTS but it seems all I can do is take sums and averages of data (which is silly when I only have 1 value per polygon so the sum/avg doesn't do anything). Why can't I add more than 1 series to any of the bar charts? Like you can in the Web App Builder Widgets? It seems weird that those functionalities aren't here. 

I can make a summary table, which shows what I want, but then no charts are possible?

How should I set up my data for this? Do I need to create separate tables/feature datasets for each country? 

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