While typing text, cursor keeps jumping to the top of the block

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01-07-2020 08:14 AM
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As I am typing, the cursor will pop to the top of the block I'm writing and continue on as if I've deliberately clicked myself into that position.  I have to first delete these randomly placed characters, and then click back down into the sentence I was typing to resume my thought.   It's not doing it in any of my applications, though, such as Word, or even this post.  I have to think it is some bizarre behavior that is occurring just in Hub.

I haven't timed this to see how often this is happening, but it seems to be every few minutes.  At first I thought I had stuck key or was somehow performing a combination of keystrokes to reposition my cursor.  It's happening too frequently to be operator error, though.  

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thank you so much. we have our reproduction of both cases and will get a fix out! BUG-000131985 if you wanted to get it added as a case in your support area

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That's great, thanks for the update.

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