what is the definition of the Portal for ArcGIS

03-05-2017 10:41 PM
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If we need to introduce the Portal for ArcGIS, what is the definition of the Portal for ArcGIS?

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Portal for ArcGIS is a website and repository for GIS content. Portal for ArcGIS brings together all the geographic information in your ArcGIS platform and shares it throughout your organization.

For example, with Portal for ArcGIS you can:

  • Create, save, and share web maps
  • Create and host web mapping apps
  • Search for GIS content within your organization
  • Create groups for sharing GIS information with coworkers
  • Share links to GIS applications
  • Share map and layer packages to use in ArcGIS Desktop

What is Portal for ArcGIS?

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Hi Debs,

In addition to jayanta.poddar's post, I wanted to reference this ArcUser technical article, Portal for ArcGIS 101 

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