Is there a way to create a drop down menu in Open Data 2.0?

05-22-2017 11:41 AM
New Contributor III

In the original Open Data site, i could create a drop down using Select/Option with Java Script, HTML, and CSS. This would allow a user to select options from two drop down menus in order to download a specific file. Is there are way to still use JS/CSS or can this be done with Markdown?

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Esri Contributor

Hi Patrick,

We recently re-added the button element to allowed tags within our text card, so you should be able to achieve a dropdown menu using the Bootstrap classes from their documentation: 

However, I am not sure this will solve your use-case, since in order to use dropdown menus for selections, I think you'd need to know those values and we are not supporting external or inlined Javascript in 2.0. This was because we were seeing too many conflicts between custom scripts and our own Javascript, and these conflicts frequently broke functionality we had built.

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