What happens when people REJECT the privacy statement?

03-14-2022 06:54 PM
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At the bottom of the Hub page there is this link/popup:

This site was built with ArcGIS Hub and uses anonymous tracking to improve performance and analyze site usage in accordance with Esri's Privacy Statement.

With an ACCEPT and a REJECT button. What happens when people click reject? Will the site no longer work? I tried to test it out, but I didn't notice anything different.

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Privacy Statement | Esri, general

Hub specific with other links

Frequently asked questions—ArcGIS Hub | Documentation

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@WQIDES in this case the viewer is accepting/rejecting anonymous usage tracking (such as pageviews and button clicks). Selecting "Reject" will halt all network requests to log this type of anonymous usage tracking.

Rejecting anonymous usage tracking does not impact the functions of the site to the viewer.