Problems rendering the map at the /explore endpoint

2 weeks ago
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Hello. We have problems with the map rendering for many of our AGOL feature layers. Generally speaking, the map is zoomed out to the 'world' extent and no data are drawn, regardless of the extent of the map.

We've noticed that the problem seems to be specific to the date when the feature layer was first created in AGOL. The majority of our layers were created in the Sep/Oct 2020 time frame. None of those layers has the map drawn correctly at the /explore endpoint. However, layers that we created/published in the May 2021 timeframe do have the maps drawn correctly. We've tested this theory on about 5 of our layers and the results are consistent. The "old" layer does not have the correct map. We published a new version of the feature layer - same data, same everything, except for the creation date - that works as expected.

We could simply re-publish every layer, but the problem is we have about 100 layers and we don't want to go thru the re-publishing processes 100 times. 

Is there something we can do other than republish the feature layers?



NEW (everything is the same as 'OLD' except when it was published)


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