New ArcGIS Hub content-views not displaying as expected with reference layers

05-14-2021 02:33 PM
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First of all, this is a long one - my apologies before getting started

We are developing a new Hub site and i wanted to see how our content would appear in the new Hub content-views version being released May 25. Unfortunately, our data layers are not displaying as expected. 

The AGOL data layers used in our new Hub site are 'reference' layers; that is, the data is not hosted in AGOL.  Instead, the data sources are our ArcGIS Server map services. We are using AGOL as a 'proxy' to access the data.  Our ArcGIS Server data is hosted as map services with many layers nested inside 'folders'.  For example for our 'vacant and developed land' data, we have 29 layers nested inside the 'develop' folder. So the URL looks like this:  We use that URL as the "Feature Layer Data Source URL" in AGOL.

It seems like the new Hub content page is 'confused' as to whether the item is a Map or a feature layer and thus showing elements of both a map and feature layer - but not completely either one - if that make sense. See the screen cap below.....Any thoughts about what's going on?



- The map is missing

- Showing 29 Layers when should be a single layer. So its listing all the layers in the folder for the map service

- Details - showing as both Map and Feature service

- Details - published date isn't right (i'm still working on our end to see if that is bad data coming from our service)

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Hi @Trippetoe can you email us at so we can get in touch directly to see what might be going on?

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In my testing I've noticed there are two new content previews - one is dataset (feature layer) and one is map (feature service)The differences seen in the URL. The content preview you're looking at is the map and it's looking for a thumbnail from ArcGIS Online. Example, our Child Development Centers: The other content preview is the dataset which will show the map extent and attribute preview. Again, example Child Development Centers: The route to get to these depend on whether uses are searching, or simply clicking on a data card within a gallery or similar. Using the content previews, does the map preview show if you look through the dataset feature layer?  

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Hey @Alex-Santos ....  that's a nice catch about the two different URLs or views; i had not noticed that before.  You are correct that when clicking on the layer from the Search results, the url defaults to 'maps'.  The problem there is that we have not published the map service to AGOL. we've only published the individual layers from the map service.

I manually replaced 'maps' with 'datasets' in the URL - there still is no map presented (which makes sense because we haven't published one), but here is a button to 'View map'



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Good afternoon,

we are experiencing a similar issue, but the our Hub / Open Data item references the wrong data, even though the source url, on our ArcGIS group, references the correct path. We did actually have a problem with a ghost dataset, but that seems to have resolved.

Does ESRI have to manually fix the reference for us?


Justin Miron, Region of Durham 

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