Large FGDB Upload has Locked Up 'My Content'

10-19-2016 12:37 PM
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Hi There,

I have a large tabular dataset (320,000 records) that I've zipped up in a FGDB and uploaded to my ArcGIS Online Open Data content. I've done this before and then used the hosted table as a starting point for adding on new records via FME workbench as the new data is created in the source data. Once in a while my FME script can fail, due to dealing with the objectID in ArcGIS Online and it not being synched with the objectID of the source table. When this happens I occassionally have to overwrite this table in ArcGIS Online. I have tried to do exactly this the other day and upload a new zipped FGDB to overwrite the existing one. However, it hung up forever and didn't appear to complete and now when I go into AGOL the 'My Content' page will not load in order for me to delete the table and start fresh. Any suggestions, and anyone have some tips for keeping these datasets up to date while hosted in AGOL? I've been using FME but wrapping my head around the objectIDs is only successful 60% of the time.


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