Images don't show after initial upload (hosted on AGOL)

02-13-2024 05:18 PM
Occasional Contributor III

I've had to go in and edit the html to show pngs hosted on ArcGIS Online. This is for a set of cards.

Previously the images automatically loaded through their Experience Builder thumbnails, but have added in URL Parameters, so can no longer use the Gallery option.

I noticed when I go back to look at the cards (2nd or 3rd time after the initial load) I can't see them. I see their alt text. I've hosted the images on ArcGIS Online. I read a post from 2021 saying this happens if you try to use images hosted in your AGOL organisation in the Hub. Is this true? Has this been fixed? Are there any good work arounds where I don't have to go outside of the Hub/ArcGIS Online to  host my photos? Is there a roadmap for this?



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