Hosting Images (Pictures) token expires on Portal

07-07-2021 01:11 PM
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Hello Community,

I uploaded pictures to the portal so that I can use them in Hub. Here are my broken files: 


 From this source here it says to use the API to call to get the item data 

I did this:

and it's not working. What am I missing? 


I really appreciate any help you can provide.


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Hi @MaryCadena1 you can upload your images directly to the site by using the Image Card and/or Row Card (depending on your needs).  These images are stored on the site itself and respect the sharing configuration of the site.

We don't yet support selecting an existing "Image" in your organization in either card but have considered it on the long-term backlog.  If you'd like to open this up as a community idea in the ArcGIS Hub board we'll continue to monitor it there.