Pop-up content set in ArcGIS Online is not reflected in Hub web maps

08-23-2021 01:19 PM
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I created custom pop-ups in ArcGIS Online for all layers shared through our Open Data platform. The pop-ups look good in AGOL, but the content reverts to the default when viewed in Open Data/Hub.

This what the pop-up looks like in AGOL:



This is what the same data looks like in Hub:



How do I force the Hub pop-up to reflect the custom options set in AGOL?


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Did you save that configuration in the layer's default settings? On the web map viewer, there's a "Save" icon, or else you can change the defaults directly in the item's "Visualize" tab.

- Josh Carlson
Kendall County GIS
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Hello, I'm pretty sure this is by design for feature layers, tables and other data types for consistency across the hub site. But happy to be wrong if there's a solution! This is similar to how custom symbology does not carry over to hub even when done in the Visualization tab of AGOL. You would have to share the web map in the content group that these data layers are within in order for you to accomplish what you'd like. Or, the grouped map service if you're using ArcGIS Server to register your services in AGOL. For example, we share Street Vendor Locations as a grouped map service which allows us to carry over symbology; we haven't done popups yet. But, when sharing the individual vendor locations it reverts to the default organization theme. I would also like to offer our agency customers the option of customizing their popups and symbology to enhance our Open Data DC site's appearance. 

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This seems correct, which is a shame; I don't want my hub users confused by the poor default symbology and overwhelming popups; if power-users are interested in seeing all the fields, they can find them when they click through to the item detail page.

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