Hub dataset not showing all unique values in filter

01-24-2020 01:54 PM
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Our public facing hub site has a dataset that when clicking the filter, it does not show all unique values.  Example, I have a text field for the year.  One of the years, and it shows in the data, it not an option on the filter to filter on.  

I have indexed the dataset and still the problem persists.  Any ideas?


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Hi Julie,

Can you provide a link to the dataset you're having trouble filtering?



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Good morning Patrick,

Thank you for your response.

Our GIS dept has a datahub that references the dataset in our portal. The data was overwritten and the created item in our hub was showing the updated data, but the filter was not reflecting what was being shown in the data.

Also, the update date was not updated (I understand this is a known issue for the update date).

My solution was to recreate the item in AGOL and replace the new item with the old one, referencing the same url.

This solved the issue – the filter showed the correct data and the update date changed to the new date.

Is this an issue I will need to look at on a regular basis? We overwrite (update) our data regularly and would assume the filters would read from the new data.

I would send the link to the old item, but at the moment, AGOL is experiencing issues.

Thank you.

Julie Barrett

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