How to open a document link from a gallery card

11-16-2020 08:51 AM
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We have URLs of several external websites/pages stored as Document Links in our ArcGIS Online content. We would like to link to these URLs from gallery cards on our ArcGIS Hub Premium pages. Currently however, if we add the content item (the document link) to the gallery card, rather than opening the URL of the target webpage it opens the ArcGIS Online item which the user then has to click 'Open' on to get to target URL (see attached screenshot). Is there a way to open external URLs directly from a gallery card? The current setup looks messy to our users and requires an extra click. This also limits our ability to integrate the hub sites in to our existing organisational website.

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Hi Data Officer

I had this question too and found your post.

I thought of a solution - you can create an Experience using ArcGIS experience builder. Start with a fullpage blank template and add an embed widget. Make it full screen and specify the URL.

You can add experiences to the gallery on your hub page and clicking them opens the experience and therefore the page within it. Takes about half a second longer to load but my geocortex app works as intended.

Drawback or advantage depending on your stance is that the browser url shows as the experience URL and not the page URL you are intending to show.

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Hi Matt,

Thanks for your suggestions @MattSund. I will check that out. I did find another workaround also, though it is not as nice as the built in gallery cards. You can use the Minimal Gallery app to present links in a similar style to a Gallery Card, but with the ability to directly open document links. Visually it is not as pleasing as the built in Gallery Cards, and it requires a bit more work to use. 

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