How can i map landslides, from a DEM? hand digitizing isn't allowed .

12-01-2019 07:19 PM
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Working on a Final Lab about the terrain of Nanga Parbat, can anyone help?

Thank you

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Maybe this could be helpful as well - there are models to download?

Building models for automatic landslide-susceptibility analysis, mapping and validation in ArcGIS | ... 

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Ruben Perez - I feel like maybe your question is in the wrong area/forum at GeoNet? I could be wrong. But, you may want to find a more appropriate discussion area if you are looking for more answers. This GeoNet community is for questions most directly about the "ArcGIS Hub" product. You may want to seek help in the training community?

I'm not saying to take your question elsewhere - I have no problem with this thread continuing in the Hub community - but it may be less traveled by the gurus of landslide modeling