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09-10-2020 08:24 AM
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I have a site with two rows of gallery cards.  The top row contains four cards and the bottom row contains three cards.  I want each of the three cards in the bottom row to be the same size as each of the four cards in the top row with a blank spot on the right side of the bottom row.  I don't want the three bottom row cards to be wider so they take up the same width as the row above it.  If I add a spacer card it forces the third button below the other two.  The spacer works if it's added to a row with two cards.  How can I get it to work with a row containing three cards?  Can I edit the width of the spacer to accommodate three cards?

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the gallery card is currently designed to be responsive so it'll always expand to the width of its container. The spacer card offers space vertically between rows & cards...the width is determined by the screen size and the responsiveness of the HTML. If you want the layout you describe, then I recommend writing custom HTML as the gallery card does not function this way as it stands today.

hope this helps!

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