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10-28-2015 05:41 AM
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Is it possible to change the default sort order of an open data website? Currently the default when creating a custom open data page with HTML is to sort search bar results by "Relevance". I would like to have the default sort order be by "Name", and if possible by name Z>A.

I found it was possible to change the default sort order from "Relevance" to "Name" when I used a custom data category button but I couldn't find any code in Esri's default open data site template to change the default search bar result to sort by "Name".

Here is our open data site. I'm still relatively new at HTML coding and don't have advanced knowledge of how it works. I've gotten by mostly through duplicating code from sites I like and filling in our content.

Any thoughts or ideas?


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Changing the default sort order isn't possible at this time -- it's something we would have to build in to offer custom search controls, and not something that can be manipulated with HTML, unfortunately.

Out of curiosity, why do you prefer reverse alphabetical order for the search results?


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Thanks for your reply Courtney, it’s too bad that option isn’t available. I was able to get a work around by having one of my buttons sort by name so at least the datasets are listed in order by name (lowest to highest) when someone clicks on it instead of searching with the search bar.

The reason for the reverse alphabetical is that one of our business users has an archive of data going back several years and they were hoping to see the most recent years first. Since the names are 2015 Traffic Volumes, 2014…, 2013…, etc. Any idea if that’s possible with my button workaround?

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I'm also interested in being able to configure the ordering of results on our open data site.  We have federated some other ArcGIS Open Data providers into our site, and it would be nice to have them grouped by provider, and then alphabetically.  It would certainly make the results seem less random for our users!


Chris J

EDIT:  I've added this to the ideas site on GeoNet at, referencing this question.