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03-24-2020 07:23 AM
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Hi all, 

Does anyone know how to control the image associated with a shared Hub Link? When i post my hub on social media the thumbnail shown is just a grey link image.

I had previously though that the link image for all application was set from the thumbnail on the application page. 



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Thanks Graham, yes that bit is definitely done and that is the image that comes across infrequently when I share the site. But only if I share it with the arcgis hub URL. If I use my custom domain I get no image.

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Matt Sund‌ we've seen a few reports of the header logo taking a few seconds to populate; however, never populating is not expected when set.  Can you send along your sites' URLs?  If you'd like to send them to me directly, then reach out to

The change Thomas Hervey‌ is referring to in the future will prioritize the site's thumbnail over the logo, this is due to logos often being illegible in social cards (grey/white logo on grey background) or being "closeup" due to tall/wide logos not fitting well in the close to 1:1 typical aspect ratio of these cards.  Thumbnails are 2:3 which isn't perfect, but a vast improvement for most.

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Good morning, I am having an issue with a shared org hub site not displaying the name of the Hub or the summary.  It shows the default language from ArcGIS Hub.  Although my logo does show.  Have a solution?







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@JulesBarrett Did you ever figure this out? We are experiencing the same issue and wanted to know if this was resolved?

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