How to Change Browser Tab Name for HUB Site

03-31-2021 02:00 PM
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Is there a way to be able to change the browser tab name to say something else other than "ArcGIS Hub" for your Hub Site. This is something that only appears for a brief second while refreshing the page. After that, the name of the HUB Site will be there, which is fine. We have tried changing Meta Data and Hub Settings, and even viewing page sources where we were able to see the codes but not be able to change it. Is this even possible to update, if so, how?


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The browser tab label comes from the <title> tags in the <head> metadata on the page. This can be set by going to your site's layout editor, selecting Settings, and filling out the Name field. If you already have that set and you're still seeing this flash, it might be due to your browser caching the web page. You can try loading the site in a private or incognito browser to avoid that scenario.

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Hello Klara, Is there a way to set a custom favicon as well?

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Yes. In the same section, Settings > About, there is a toggle for custom favicon under the Summary textarea. We are unable to support direct upload of the .ico image format at this time, so you will need to have your favicon hosted some where else, but we can use a .ico url, if provided, to update your favicon.