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ArcGIS Hub - Failed to create Initiative

10-18-2019 11:50 AM
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I have a "publisher" role in our ArcGIS organization. My colleagues are able to create a hub site, but when I try to create a site, I receive the error "Failed to create initiative". It does not give me any additional information, and when I check my groups and content, there is no new items regarding the site. Since I cannot get any detailed error message, I have no idea what is wrong, and what I should do. 

Thank you in advance!

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Thanks for the tip Graham Hudgins‌. Does this impact the users ability to manage the Hub site? Obviously you would not be able to have a core team without an update group. Any other impact before we do this?

Can you also confirm that it is the 'Create and own groups that allow members to update all items in the group' privilege that is required for Hub? It sounds like this would be the highest privilege required. A Published can see/edit Hub, but not do the initial creation... This has to be done by an Admin? Thanks.


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Apologies because I believe I caused some confusion.

Publishers can create sites....they'll be missing core teams on those sites so they won't be able to bring anyone else (beyond admins who can see everything) onto their sites to support editing. Without the core team the following features are unavailable:

 - Teams & Messaging for collaboration on editing 

 - Events

 - Community management


The publisher-site can still be designed and feature content 

Later, if the original publisher gets the "Create group with update capabilities" priv or an admin decides they want to add a core team to a site like this, they simply visit the "Teams" section of the site and they'll be prompted to create the core team after the fact.

Here's an image that explains what's happening with a core team & users with or without the priv

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Good Morning

Has this issue been resolved? I am getting the same problem with my Home Use Account in AGOL. I am the administrator of the account. 



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