Make service url visible on dataset item page

06-08-2021 10:12 PM
Status: Open
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Hi - your new datasets item pages look great. Love the details on the left and the map on the right. E.g.

What I think is an oversight is that the service URL and the GeoJson url are not easy to find. The download button is clearly visible - but if someone uses this then it counts as 1 hit against our layer and they dont stay up to date with data changes.

If they get the service url, then it counts every time our service is used in their application and they stay up to date. I think this is a huge advantage that ArcGIS has over other open data sites and should be the preference for people to use the data



Thank you for the post, @MattSund! I'm capturing your feedback for our product team.


Thanks Justin

Thinking about it more, I think the first data item page could be skipped entirely.

Instead of having to click "view full details" it should just show them straight away. It's a nicer screen with the thumbnail and description and the overview map below