Include AGOL metadata with open data shapefile download

06-16-2017 07:12 AM
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I have all of this metadata created in my ArcGIS online items, only to find out that the metadata isn't included in the Open Data download of the shapefile.     This seems like it should be a given, and in fact the ArcGIS Online document states that metadata documents managed in AGOL are included with the shapefile download in Open Data...but they are not.      I would like every layer's AGOL metadata to be automatically associated with the layer when downloaded from open data.


Excellent suggestion - glad you brought this up, Nina.  We too are building up our Open Data program, with a significant release of several datasets scheduled for the fall, and we are in the process of ensuring that all our corporate metadata is updated.  Metadata should be included automatically with every data download, and users should be forced to acknowledge that they have accepted the dataset as defined by the metadata. 


I just wanted to give an update on this.... some developments since I submitted this..   The metadata does come with the file in the form of an XML file...the caveats are:

1. the AGOL item's metadata must be validated by completing the required fields (click Validate and it'll tell you what you have to populate)

2. there can't be certain HTML tags in your metadata.     Based on my coworker's lengthy discussions with Esri, it appears if there is HTML in the item's text, it causes the XML not to download with the file in open data.

3. there is a related bug, having to do with the fact that XML is not in the proper format to be viewed in ArcCatalog, but I can't find it anymore for some reason to see what the status of it is, however here is the number I had.

  • ENH-000095510 : The XML metadata format is not in ArcGIS format if the shapefile is downloaded from ArcGIS Open Data.

Hope this answers some questions!