Enable a 'shopping cart' experience for data downloads

06-02-2021 10:30 AM
Status: Open
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Hub should enable a shopping cart experience where users could find/select multiple layers and add them to their 'download cart'. when done searching for layers, the user could click a button which kicks off a process to download all the layers in the cart.

Here's a use case ... we are a Government agency which has about 100 or so layers available for community download.  If a user were interested in downloading, say 10 of those layers, the user would have to go thru the download workflow ten times to get all those layers. If there were a typical shopping cart experience (i am thinking something like Amazon.com) then the user would need click a download button only once. A more specific example might be a user interested in our public transit data - bus lines, rail lines, bus stops (points), rail stops (points). Each of the datasets are a separate layer so the user has to find, select, and download 4 different data sets (and manage each of the downloads on their local machine). In the shopping cart experience, the user would find and select the four layers, but there would be a single download step and a single file to manage locally.  I am imagining that each of the layers could be placed in a single file geodatabase for downloading (or multiple shapefiles zipped together, or multiple KML files zipped together, etc).

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