Enterprise Sites updates for version 11.0

07-29-2022 09:38 AM
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These Enterprise Sites updates (for late Summer) focus on certain parts of the software, but  work together with existing functionality to optimize your sites, and provide a cohesive experience for all. 

  • You won’t have to search around for the search bar anymore. Once someone uses the main (top) search bar, another search bar will appear directly above the results. This search window will remain in place during a session. Now site visitors can locate and utilize content faster. 
  • If you encounter a 'Page Not Found' while in Sites, don’t panic- you’re not actually lost. A direct link to the site homepage is now available to get you back where you started. 
  • Look for upcoming changes in base font size and rem units in your sites (rem = a relative size text format). This change is useful for accessibility, and so important to everyone. See details in this Esri Community post 
  • Watch for a new section on the Gallery Card, as well as Site Settings and Theme, advising how to underline links to meet the ’WCAG 1.4.1 Use of Color’ guideline. Learn more about designing sites for accessibility. 
  • Now some updates for Site editors: look for a profile menu dropdown in the layout editor that displays your signed in username. This straightforward update has been heavily requested by customers, so we are excited to improve use and navigation of Sites.
  • Site editors can also now configure the default side panel behavior for ‘explore’ views of content. These settings are based on the displayed item’s content family; supported content types are Apps, Maps, Datasets, Documents, and Surveys.
  • Finally, site editors can now increase the time a summary statistics card or chart card will wait to connect to a server before showing an error message.  
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