Attend button configuration now available in Hub events !

01-31-2023 12:00 PM
Esri Contributor
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With the latest enhancement to Hub events, event organizers can choose to turn the 'attend' button functionality on or off for individual events.

The attend functionality in Hub events can be used to raise awareness on an event, track participation and message attendees regarding event details. When turned on, the button will prompt the community member to sign in/up and add them to an attendee group in Hub automatically.

However, when desired, this functionality can be chosen to turned off during the event set up or edited after the fact. Also, configuration of the attend button does not impact the sharing or visibility of the event. Publicly shared events can be viewed and accessed by all regardless of the attend button being turned on or off.

Note: The attend button will be turned on by default for all new events and existing events. This can be changed by editing the event details page.

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