What comes 1st in 10.8.1, GeoEvent Server install or Spatiotemporal Data Store install

01-04-2021 03:06 PM
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I have a fresh/cold install of Esri 10.8.1 with portal on one machine, arcgis server on 3 machines (site created on 1 of them and other 2 joined with it). I have a web adaptor machine and a reverse proxy machine. I also have a postgresql 12.5 machine.

I need to add geoevent server on one of the joined machines with arcgis server on it. I also need to put a spatiotemporal data store on that machine. The other 2 arcgis servers (i.e., the primary and the other joined server) have relational and tile cache data stores.

I cannot find anything in online documentation that definitively gives the order of installation for geoevent server software and configuration thereof vs. configuration of the spatiotemporal data store (data store software already installed, but not configured).

Can anyone help? This is urgent!

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Hi @JesseJosserand,

did you already finished your installation? I am not sure if you will also run in some technical issues with that solution, but the setup you just described is not supported. In an ArcGIS Server Site all maschines are using the same config store and host the same services. That means that you can not install GeoEvent Server just on one of these 3 machines.

Before answering the question about the stbds you should think about the ArcGIS Enterprise Installation. One possible solution would be to disconnect one of the ArcGIS Servers from the Site and use it as a seperated Site for the GeoEvent Server. But in this case you will kind of lose one ArcGIS Server License, because this server is not used in the ArcGIS Server Site anymore. So if you have a the option to setup one more maschine, i would prefer to setup GeoEvent Server on that maschine and leave the ArcGIS Server Site with the 3 maschines as it is. You can use the GeoEvent License File to also License the underling ArcGIS Server that is required. In this case this ArcGIS Server has only the required capabilities for GeoEvent Server. That means that the Server can not host a MapService for example but can still host Stream Services.

If you are done with the ArcGIS Enterprise and GeoEvent Installation and configuration you configure the stbds.