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10-09-2020 05:33 AM
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We are prototyping a geoevent 10.8 configuration using the stream service output -- but I'm struggling trying to figure out why the observations aren't being stored.  I have kind of two related questions -- 

1. why wouldn't the observations be stored?

2. how do i see what i set up in the publish stream service dialog?

After the service is published, but it's not working as expected, the natural thing I want to do is confirm that the configuration parameters were correct -- but I can't figure out where to see those -- 

Here's the output service

Clicking on 'publish stream service' again -- it doesn't bring up the previous config parameters -- it's like starting from scratch.  it just occurred to me that this may be a bug... ?

and there's nothing on the arcgis server side about the store latest or related features configs. 

thanks for any help or direction from the community!


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Hello jess neuner

You're correct that clicking Publish Stream Service a "second" time is not going to show you the existing service's configuration. All that does is open the dialog to allow you to begin selecting (again) the properties you want to specify to the service publication mechanism in order to publish a service. I'm assuming you toggled the Store Latest capability when originally publishing the stream service, and want to know which feature service the stream service is using to store latest observations? 

Your best bet, if I'm following your question, is to browse to the stream service in the ArcGIS REST Services Directory. At the top of the service's web page, in the upper-left hand corner, you should see a JSON link; clicking this will open a browser tab with the service's raw JSON specification. In there you will find things like which field is being used as a track identifier (derived from the field tagged TRACK_ID in the selected GeoEvent Definition) and the URL of any supporting feature services for capabilities like "Store Latest" and "Related Features".

If you open an incident with Esri Technical Support, we can probably publish a stream service with store latest similar to how you have in your environment, then deliberately use the stream service to broadcast some data which the feature service would not be able to accept or persist as a feature record in the geodatabase and see how that condition gets logged in the GeoEvent Server's karaf.log ...

Hope this information is helpful –

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