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Changing the subject of an email sent by geoevent

03-20-2024 12:05 PM
New Contributor

I have created a service in GeoEvent 10.9.1 that sends an email when a feature meets a certain criteria.  The service works great and sends an email but the subject of the email is very vague.  How do I change what the subject of the email says?

Here is my output configuration: 


Here is what the email looks like that I receive:


The subject of the email is Text Message2.  How do I change that to something more meaningful?



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In your example, the Subject should not be Text Message 2 but rather what you show in the Subject Line box.   Most likely your mail transport handler is overwriting the message.  Exchange, Outlook 365, Sendmail. 

Mail Subject

The subject of the email. The email subject can be dynamically obtained from a field in the event data using ${FIELD-NAME}.