GeoBIM Tools : Distinguish between BIM files and documents in subfolders to be able to use definition queries in map or scene

01-27-2023 04:26 AM
Occasional Contributor II

In the work processes the BIM teams deliver products (rvt, ifc, dwg, pdf) and depending on the status of a product, it is i.e. stored in WIP, Shared and/or Client_Shared.

At this moment the GeoBIM tools will scan the whole project or partially when we add an empty .prj/.uprj in a folder or subfolders. In the results of the scanning a BIM file is added once to the 'Documents-<GeoBIM> table' even it is available multiple times due to it status. But not clear which status it has. Seems to be the file with the highest version.

It is not possible in the Document table to distinguish between files from WIP, Shared or Client_Shared other then knowing the documentid (or date and version) because files are only added once and there is no information in de Document table about the folders WIP, Shared and Client_Shared folder. Same is when you identify a document in the GeoBIM app it is not clear which file and it status you exactly open. It could be you open a WIP file but you want to open a Shared file.

When it is possible to distinguish between files in WIP, Shared and Client_Shared, it will be possible to combine the GeoBIM feture layers with creates 2D/3D (WIP, Shared, Client_Shared) maps and create GeoBIM apps that can focus on WIP, Shared or Client_Shared.

Note: I understand that this could not be easy because BIM360/ACC is not based on our old fashion folder structure thinking.