Esri Maps for SharePoint web part login

11-16-2015 05:27 PM
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We're trying to configure Esri Maps for SharePoint.  We think we have it configured but when we try to login to the web part nothing happens.  If we use a random (bad) login it returns an error that that username/password isn't valid, but if we use a real login it just goes back to the login screen (keeps the username we entered and removes the password).  We're using ArcGIS Online, not Portal.  Our SharePoint site is secured with https, but when we tried to set that up for the Esri Maps for Office web part it kept telling us it wasn't configured.  We tried a bunch of the other solutions recommended in other discussions on GeoNet but the only thing that seemed to work was to remove the https from the Configuration Settings.


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We ended up contacting Esri Support.  We reinstalled everything and that helped.  We also had to get our IT service desk to allow * to be added to everyone's trusted sites in IE.  We have it working now.