Location Architect - metrics not visible

12-17-2015 06:20 PM
New Contributor

What determines which attributes and metrics are visible to location architect in Microstrategy? The list in the image below is incomplete. I am expecting to see more folders than the three that are visible. I am logged in as an admin and the folders that are visible have the same permissions as those that are not.

Naturally, the metrics I need are in one of the invisible locations, so I'm trying to understand what causes a folder to appear (or not) in this list.


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Esri Contributor

I think you are expecting to see shortcuts to Metrics folder, as shown in object browser in MicroStrategy Web. I think you would find these in the public objects folder. Ask your MicroStrategy Administrator for the absolute path of the Metrics folder you are looking for. But it is very likely it would be in the Public Objects_OLD folder.

Hope this helps.


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