View Child layers within Reference Layer on chart

05-17-2021 06:50 PM
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Hi Everyone,

Does anyone know whether i can add children layers as Reference Layers in the ARCGIS Maps for Power BI visual?

What i have done:

1. Added the vis

2. connected to our enterprise portal

3. added in a reference layer

there seems no way i can specify a child layer from the parent.


For example:

I add "Boundary" as a reference layer. Within boundary are sub layers Admistrative, Contacts, etc, and within those are the actual layers i want to show. 

Makes sense i'd need to add one reference per child i want to show.

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Esri Regular Contributor

Hello Andrew,

    At this time, I don't think it is possible to add a single child layer out of a complete reference layer. Do you have ownership of the dataset? If so, you may be able to publish only the layer you need and go from there.

Keep on keeping on!
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