Unable to add a custom Reference Layer in power Bi

06-09-2021 12:23 PM
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I am trying to use a reference layer that i created using my ARCGIS online account  in Power Bi. That problem is when i select the reference layer and select the file under my content. It does not add it. What could the issue be?

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Hey there,

    Can you confirm that you can search and add this reference layer in ArcGIS for PowerBI? Can you also confirm that you are running the latest version of PowerBI Desktop? what type of data is the reference layer made up of?

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I also have the same issue trying to add UK Postcodes boundaries layers. They never load.



ARCGis for Power BI version: 2022.3.112

Power BI Version: 2.108.997.0 64-bit (August, 2022)


Can you please help?

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Same problem for me.

  1. Add a map Visualization with Lon and Lat
  2. Wrench icon
  3. Reference Layers
  4. Switch to ArcGIS
  5. My org (or favorites)
  6. hit the plus for a "Feature Layer"
  7. Observe it spins eternal

PowerBi: 2.110.508.0

ARCGis: 2022.4.117

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