Siza and Color not working though independetly both work as expected.

05-19-2021 11:25 PM
New Contributor



I'm trying to use the Size and Color setting for the ArcGIS Maps for Power BI visual and it works for just colour and just size but when used together I get an incorrect size. (screenshots attached)


Additionally it is forcing me to summarise my numerical data for the size field but for the tooltip it does not force me to summarise. (attached)

My data is numerical with just 2 values; 1 and 100 and I have it set for 2 classes  It always seems to classify into the largest class and the behaviour is the same for any number of classes and class classification type except for wen I set 1 class and then it defaults to the minimum size.

This feels like a bug especially since size works when colour is not selected with the settings for size remainig the same.

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