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11-14-2023 09:21 AM
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We have a user who has created a map using the ArcGIS visualization in PBI.  It displays correctly from the PBI desktop app and the PBI service.  He has embedded the PBI report into a SharePoint Online site and it was working fine until last week.  Now it is giving him a message that the visualization doesn't meet the requirements.  It still works fine in the PBI service just not SharePoint.  As far as we know,

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Hi @KevinDunlop 

Potentially there has been a change made to the map meaning that it doesn't meet the requirements for the embedding. The requirements for embedded are as follows:

  • Power BI data used to create the ArcGIS for Power BI map must use latitude and longitude coordinates for locations or EsriJSON in the Location field well. If the Location field well contains addresses or standard boundaries, you can't publish to the web.
  • You must be signed in to a valid ArcGIS account with a user type and role that has been granted appropriate permissions by your account administrator to publish content.
  • To create a map-enabled report in Power BI, you must be signed in to Microsoft Power BI with a Microsoft Pro or Premium account. Viewers must sign in to Microsoft Power BI to view a report in an embedded environment. If the ArcGIS for Power BI visual contains private data, Viewers must also sign in to an ArcGIS account.
  • A published map can contain a maximum of 30,000 locations.
  • You must run the ArcGIS for Power BI publishing check before generating an embed code for the report.


I would just check that nothing has been changed that has breached one of the requirements.

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Hi @KevinDunlop,


Thanks for your question! I would recommend checking if the report meets the requirement or not as @LeslieUK mentioned. Please also make sure that a valid ArcGIS account has been signed in from the original Power BI report. 

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