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10-05-2017 01:10 PM
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We've attempted to export a report with ArcGIS visualization to PowerPoint and got a "This visual does not support exporting" error. Is this by design? Are there near-term plans to make this work?

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I have the same issue when exporting to PDF from the desktop version and the server.

Exporting to PDF from the server gives me the "This visual does not support exporting" error. From the desktop client, the basemaps do not come through.

Any plans to rectify this?

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Hello there Andrew,

   This is a feature we have an enhancement logged for, if you have maintenance, please submit a case to get your account attached to it ref: ENH-000130420.

    As it stands, the visual won't export because of a static content issue that has yet to be resolved between our software and PowerBI. Hope this helps!

Keep on keeping on!
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