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County Mapping Incorrectly

07-15-2017 03:21 PM
New Contributor

Hi all, I am enjoying the powerBI tool quite a bit but the more I get into things the more I discover I have yet to learn. My latest issue is on the county level, where the visual appears to be mapping Valley County, MT as Golden Valley County, MT. Would you have any suggestions or workarounds for this? Should I be using some sort of county code to get everything to map properly? 

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Esri Regular Contributor

Hi - thanks for your question! I've tested out your scenario and can reproduce it. A quick workaround to get the county of Valley, MT onto the map is to go into Edit mode (the ... menu in the top right of the map), go to the 'Location type' tool on the toolbar, and switch the location representation from 'Boundaries' to 'Points'. This will at least get "Valley, MT" showing up in the right place (at the expense of seeing the county boundary).

We are working on refining the way the location field works with boundaries, and we should have some updates in the next few releases. As you might anticipate, it's challenging trying to interpret and match boundaries in a variety of formats, languages, and regions. We've tried a few fixes, but we find that sometimes those fixes break other things for other people and other datasets. Until we're confident we are making things better for everyone, we are continuing to research fixes and test them out behind closed doors. We appreciate your patience while we work to get it right!

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