ArcGIS Not Drilling Through Appropriately

01-29-2024 03:34 PM
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I have a landing page for drill throughs in my Power BI Dashboard. It contains an ArcGIS map and a reference table. 

The drill through works exactly as it should. It will filter down the points on the map, and it will filter the values in the reference table. However, the map does not move to match the newly filtered values via drill through. It is always stuck on the location of the previous drill through, and I have to drag the map manually to find the new points on the next drill through. 

The points on the map filter just fine, the map does not move to the new points. Is there a fix for this?



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Thanks for your question! Have you configured the Drill through correctly? Actually I'm a bit of confused about your question. Could you please share the screenshots of the steps you made and how the report responds so that I can help? Thanks!

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Unfortunately, I'm not going to be able to share any screen shots. The drill throughs are configured correctly.

In the short term, if we go to "View a list of layers on the map" button, press "Layer Options" on Coordinates, and then press "Zoom to Layer", it will take us to the correct points on the esri ArcGIS map. But this is a little bit silly, tedious, and I feel like the map should do this automatically.

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I am also experiencing issues with the drill-through. Here is an example I can share as I have the same issue. I start on a map where the viewer selects a state to see funding data.


I have selected Idaho, for this example.
Using the Bing map visual, the map zooms to the selected state:


Using the ArcGIS Map with a public NPS park layer added the map does not automatically go to the state that was selected. If the user interacts with the page slicer or table, then the map will update, but it frequently takes several interactions before the map will update:


Here is what the map looks like after several interactions and what the expectation is for what it should look like upon drill-through without having to interact:


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