ArcGIS Maps for PowerBI: Latency/ Lag issues:

09-18-2020 02:27 AM
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ArcGIS Maps for PowerBI: Latency/ Lag issues:

  1. There will be initial rendering of map, few seconds for the layer to load, 
  2. Lag in switching from report to report, the ArcGis Map visualizations starts rendering from starting delays of few seconds to render the map visualizations.
  3. I find navigation and zooming to be significantly slower than the inherent maps provided by Power BI
  4. From Indicator to Indicator (Slicer) there would be certain lag  when compared to Mapbox/different maps in power bi there are much faster  than ArcGis 
  5. Sometimes when I open the pbix file which all the ArcGis Map visualizations or any other visualizations are created, Map visualizations will be empty and need to refresh entire power bi desktop. (frequently happening)
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Good day to you!

   Thank you for brining this to our attention. I opened the PBIX attached and confirmed that there is some latency upon opening and working with the application (specifically with the slicers). Without delving too much into it, I believe it may be with the volume of data you are attempting to process. Can you confirm the row count for this dataset?

   As for the visual not loading, I did not run into this issue could you confirm that we are using the latest version of PowerBI? I am using the Aug 2020 release, and am not running into this issue.

Keep on keeping on!
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