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Analysis tools missing

01-27-2023 06:42 AM
New Contributor

Hi Guys,

I'm trying to access the Analysis tools on the arcGIS Maps visual. Currently Analysis Tools are missing from my toolkit. I believe this is due to role permissions.


Below are my current ArcGIS online settings.


However I don’t believe the Data editor role contains the "createItem" property. Here are my available extensions.


If someone could explain what I'm missing or what exactly we need to change that would be great. Both myself and my administrator haven't a clue. 

Many thanks in advance



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Esri Contributor

To perform all functions associated with an ArcGIS for Power BI role, your system administrator must grant your ArcGIS account the required user type and role privileges. Not all ArcGIS for Power BI users can perform all functions.

The following are the user type and role settings:

Report designers—User type and role set to Creator or higher
What the documentation is missing is that your role also needs to be Publisher or higher as this allows you to create and edit features and publish hosted feature layers. This should give you the Analysis tools back.

I hope this helps!

~Just trying to fix things~
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