Adding ArcGIS Online Data to Power BI Map

06-09-2021 11:34 AM
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I started a report in Power BI for Desktop. I have an ArcGIS for Power BI account. I added an 'ArcGIS Map for Power BI' map to my report. When added, it asks you to log into your organizational account, which I have. I now have the following Screen:


It appears that, in order to get the map to populate, one has to add some data from a Power BI datasource (drag a field to the 'Location' field under the 'Visualizations' panel) and then a map appears.

Instead, I want to start by adding some data from my ArcGIS Account which is possible from the Analysis Tools widget in the map


But in order to get a map to open, all I can figure is, you have to drag some data into the 'Location' field first. Is there any way to get a map to open without having to do this?

Note: I tested by dragging some data to the 'Location' field just to get the map to open, thinking I could just remove it from the map afterwards, but there is no option to remove that data layer from the map:



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Hey there Mike,

   ArcGIS for PowerBI is first and foremost a mapping visualization tool that must have data from PowerBI to work. You are correct, to start any operations within the visualizer, you have to populate the Location Field Well (Or lat and Long). The visualizer will then become functional and allow you to pull in data from ArcGIS Online.

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I outlined that as an issue in my post. After dragging the data into the Location field for the sole purpose of getting a map to populate so I can use the data I actually want to use from AGOL, is useless for my usage case.

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Thanks @MikeMacRae for posting... had the same question.... seems like integrating ArcGIS Online/Enterprise layers is mostly for map visual reference only, rather than as a data source for analytical cards/visuals.