ArcGIS for Power BI - v2022.2 - Change log and updates (April 6, 2022)

04-06-2022 04:24 PM
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ArcGIS for Power BI is updated regularly to provide new features, improved speed and usability, and bug fixes. The 2022.2 update is a quality release. Performance improvements and bug fixes have been made for the following features. 

This release will start deploying between April 20th, 2022, and April 21st, 2022. It may take up to 48 hours to push out to all regions (up to two weeks for government-level sites). 

If you do not see the changes, you may need to close out and restart Power BI Desktop or restart your browser if you are using Power BI Online. 

As always, please let us know of any improvements or issues you want to chat about!



Reference layers

In my last release post, I mentioned an overall design change that is taking place within ArcGIS for Power BI. These design changes and workflows are part of a larger effort to make a seamless experience across all ArcGIS for Microsoft 365 visuals.

In the v2022.2 release, we have enhanced the Reference layer widget to give you more control over what you can search for, how it appears in the search results, and where you can search.

Previously, when a search was made in ArcGIS Online (whether it be public or through your own organization) layers were not ordered and you couldn’t filter based on a specific layer type.

In v2022.2, you can now:

  • Sort layers based on relevance, title, owner, etc.
  • Search for specific layer types
  • Search within the current area of the map
  • Open the layer to see its details
  • Add layers you find to your favorites

As a note, some of these items might only apply when you are signed in with an ArcGIS account.







The Infographics feature has also been updated and refined. As a Standard user, you still have access to the same settings as in the current version, radius and drive time. However, as an ArcGIS user, you now have access to multiple sample areas such as Rural Driving Time and many others. Take a look below!




Geo-search and pins

v2022.2 brings in the same geo-search feature that is used in ArcGIS for SharePoint and ArcGIS for Office. As a note, we have removed the ability to style the pin. The reason for this is because the pin was never persisted on the map and is used as a quick way to search for a location on your map (for both creators and viewers). You can still toggle this feature on and off if you’d like to have it sent out to your report viewers.

Further, you now can use your current location (Power BI Online only) and choose your own locator if you have one configured.








Sign in issues

In the current version, there were reports of the sign in button not working properly. We have resolved this issue in v2022.2.105. The root cause of this issue stemmed from the previous infrastructure update through Power BI Desktop as well as some other odd behavior with tokens expiring.

Now, if a token has expired, or if you are logged out, clicking the sign in button will allow you to sign in and refresh your login.




Hiding additional information in tooltips

This update is the start of a larger process for more control over tooltips on the map. In the previous update, we hid EsriJSON data from the tooltip unless it was placed in the Tooltips field-well. In this update, we have removed the row_id field from the tooltip. This was causing some unwanted behavior and we feel that this is better left out of the tooltip.








Bug fixes and polishes galore!

In this release, we have squashed a ton of bugs and polished a great deal of the visual. Here is a small subset of the items we tackled between our last release and this one. We still have plenty more to accomplish and clean up, but 2022 is shaping up to be a great year so far!

Bug fixes:

  • Certain layers would not zoom to its full extent
  • In some instances, selecting locations on the map after adding an infographic card would cause the map to freeze
  • Fixed an issue where color ramps would break after un-classifying data and classifying it again
  • Fixed an issue where filters were not honored from web maps created in ArcGIS Enterprise
  • Fixed an issue where tooltips would not open from Power BI Desktop
  • Fixed an issue where the reference layer search would default to feature services only

Design polishes:

  • Cleaned up hyperlinks to reflect the native Power BI environment
  • Fixed an issue with the profile icon for Standard users
  • Removed rounded corners to be more consistent with the native Power BI environment
  • Cleaned up and reordered buttons for the Find Similar feature


The goal of these fixes and UI/UX polishes is to make it easier to navigate and create meaningful maps for your report. As we continue to move toward the unified experience across all ArcGIS for Microsoft 365 visuals, we would love to hear your feedback, whether it be an idea or if something is broken. Having open communication about the visual and how we can improve will keep us moving forward and paving the way for GIS in the Microsoft 365 ecosystem.