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How to handle Grid to Ground conversions with ArcOnline data

07-25-2023 06:39 PM
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I am implementing the ArcGIS for AutoCAD plugin for our engineering department and would love some advice on grid to ground conversions between DWGs and ArcGIS Online GIS data. We live in a state that has a scale conversion factor for the xref data(GIS data). Has anyone had any issues with grid to ground conversion? Of course if you converted a GIS to CAD in ArcPro.. you could set your grid to ground tolerance in Pro

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Hello Johnny,

ArcGIS for AutoCAD does not have any specific tools to handle ground to grid. Any conversion or offset values would need to be included in a prj file.

You might already be aware, but ArcGIS Pro has a few help documents on this topic:

Introduction to ground to grid correction
Use ground to grid corrections

I would suggest posting an idea on this topic in the AFA Ideas channel.

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