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Attributes in blocks don't rotate as text do

10-18-2021 02:10 AM
New Contributor


I have workflow in Pro that exports a point feature to autocad block. All GIS attributes are passing correctly to the block attributes. I'm rotating the block based in the field CADANGLE.

The block and the text inside rotate correctly. The attributes (CAD TAG) inside the block also rotate but the positions shift (see picture).


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Esri Contributor

Hi Luis, 

Sorry for the very slow reply. 

if you are still having this problem its due to the basepoint of the block. I would recommend opening up the block editor in autocad and apply the base point to the center of the block. What is happening now is because the base point is not the center, and likely offset. The block rotation is based on the basepoint and in this case would account for the offset. 

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